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Welcome to Cafè Paradiso

The gentle tonic our daily lives forget. Established almost three decades ago, Cafè Paradiso is a home from home which celebrates long-held traditions and family values; where enticing aromas emanate from the bakery long before dawn and the pasta machine is hard at work all day.

With its beautiful garden setting and gentle d├ęcor, this landmark restaurant is a haven from a bustling city where we take time out to enjoy time with friends and family and tuck into wholesome fare made only from the freshest ingredients.

Embracing the simplicity of food in a relaxed farm stall setting, everything possible is made on site; from the hand churned butter and creamy mayonnaise to the daily baked breads, delicious preserves and fresh pasta.

In this gentle space, children and pets are not only welcome, they are specially invited. A place called Paradise in a city we love to call home.